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Student Affairs

Student Affairs

Message from the Dean of Students

Dear Students:

Dean of Students

It is my great pleasure to serve as your Dean of Students. Each year our campus is filled with students, both young and old who have high expectations for academic and personal success.

The Office of the Dean of Students is here to serve you, making your time with us a safe, enjoyable, and successful college experience. We are a diverse, yet supportive community of faculty, staff and students from around the country and many corners of the globe. I would encourage you to cultivate new friends, attend each other's plays, concerts, ball games and presentations throughout the year, while you learn to appreciate this University, which will serve you and your family for a lifetime.

Everyone on campus this year will have only about 255 days in which to live and interact together, and to learn from one another. I ask that you give as much of yourself as you can to those around you; what you leave behind is as important as what you will take with you.

Explore the services provided below and please do not hesitate to ask for our assistance. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Services Provided                                  


Aaron J. Reese, Ed.D.
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
& Dean of Students